Action Is Demanded Against the Central Bank of Iraq

Central Bank of Iraq

Central Bank of Iraq News –     Economists saw that government intervention in the work of the Iraqi Central Bank during the past period hindered the implementation of many projects that will bring significant economic reforms, including the project to delete the zeros from the Iraqi currency.   While the experts stressed that the political and security conditions and economic […]

Fake Iraqi Dinars Found in Maysan

Iraqi dinar

Iraqi Dinars News –     Maysan police patrols arrested a gang specialized with counterfeiting currency in the city of Amara.   A police source said: “one and quarter forged million Iraqi dinars were seized in the possession of the gang, added that the gang comprises three people.”   He added: “the accused are under investigation and their papers will be […]

The Decision to Delete the Zeros Is the Central Bank of Iraq’s to Make

Iraqi dinar

Iraqi Dinar News –     Counting Economists, on Saturday, the deletion of zeros from the Iraqi dinar currency trend “sensitive and dangerous” in light of the situation, which passes through the country, while others stressed that the process is left to the decision of the CBI for being concerned only in the monetary policy of the country, he stressed deputies […]

Iraq Restores 5 Billion Iraqi Dinars From Lebanon, Integrity Commission

Iraqi dinar

Iraqi Dinars News –     Iraqi Integrity Commission announced today restoring five billion Iraqi dinars smuggled to one Arab country.   Judge Ala’ Jawad Hameed, in a press statement, said today that agreement was reached with Lebanon to restore five billion Iraqi dinars, which were smuggled, in addition to some real estates and residential flats.   It added that the […]

Iraq: Partnerships With International Banks Promote Investment

Iraq Banking

Iraq News –     In order to achieve sound economic growth and attract global investment, called for an economist to establish a bank development with a capital of a large rate of 5 to 10 billion dollars as a sector mixed, administered in the spirit of the private sector, with the trend to achieve partnerships with international banks to pay […]

Iraq: President of the Republic and the Minister of Finance Disclosure of Their Net Worth

Fuad Masum and Haider Abadi

Iraq News –     Iraq: Integrity Commission disclosed the names of the current members of the House of Representatives for their net worth financial Mufsahan until the end of the month of August, while confirming that the President and the Minister of Finance gave Khovathm in 2014. The authority said in a statement received / JD / copy of it: […]

Street Vendors in Mosul Paying Tribute to Daash

Street Vendors

Iraqi Dinars News –     The imposition of the elements of organizing the so-called Islamic State (Daash) sums of money to the owners ‘stalls’ and street vendors in the Nineveh province up to two and a half million Iraqi dinars per year and otherwise is lifted Basta. The reporter said, ‘news agency’ in Nineveh: The owners of stalls in Mosul […]

Central Bank Raises New Currency From the Category of 10 Thousand Iraqi Dinars Characteristics of High Security

Iraqi Dinar 10000 Note

Iraqi Dinars News –   Central Bank of Iraq announced a new class of Scarves currency Category 10000 Iraqi dinars. According to a brief statement of the bank received by all of Iraq where a copy of which was that “the new category characterized by technical characteristics and high security papers with the continuation of trade.” The Council of Ministers decided […]

Kurdistan Warns Financial Companies and Banks of Government Manipulation

Iraqi dinars

Iraqi Dinars News –   Ministry warned financial provincial government, on Tuesday, companies and banks, which it called manipulation with the government.     Newspaper quoted Rudaw Kurdish, for finance minister in the Kurdistan Regional Government Rebaz Mohammed as saying that the ministry has formed a special committee of seven members to prepare a report on the details of loans granted […]

Tale of Two Arab Cities

Iraqi dinar 2

Iraqi Dinar –   And just few decades ago, Baghdad was one of the richest cities in the world. Iraqi Dinar equaled about $3 at a time when Dubai didn’t have any form of economy. At the beginning of this year 2014, Baghdad — Iraq’s capital city — was voted to be one of the least hospitable cities in the world. […]

Keywords Appointed Central Bank of Iraq Governor

ali mohsen ismail

Central Bank of Iraq News –     The Council of Ministers approved, on Tuesday, to take over the secretary-general of the Council of Ministers on the Keywords, the governor of the Central Bank of Iraq.   An informed source said in a press statement, that ‘the Council of Ministers during its regular voice, which was held today (Tuesday 2 September […]

Maliki Will Serve as First Vice President of the Republic


Maliki News –     A political source revealed early on Wednesday, Prime Minister outgoing Nuri al-Maliki will serve as first vice president Fuad Masum.   The source said in an exclusive interview for “obelisk”, “Prime Minister outgoing Nuri al-Maliki will serve as first vice president Fuad Masum, in the next government.”   The Prime Minister outgoing Nuri al-Maliki, in the […]

Zain Iraq Says Still Plans Listing Despite Conflict

Zain Iraq

Iraq News –     Mobile operator Zain Iraq still wants to list its shares more than three years after missing a deadline, parent Zain said on Wednesday, although fund managers warned violence in the country and weak market infrastructure could deter investors.   Iraq‘s three mobile operators – Zain Iraq, Ooredoo unit Asiacell and Orange affiliate Korek – were each […]

Central Bank of Iraq Calls for Ministries to Work With the New Payment System

Central Bank of Iraq logo

Central Bank of Iraq News –     The Central Bank of Iraq called all ministries and departments not associated with the Ministry to work with this system for the purpose of the speed of completion of work instead of the old mechanisms in order to activate the introduction of payments of the new Iraqi.   Said Bank to clarify that […]

The Opening of the Trade Bank of Iraq in Maysan

Iraqi dinar

Iraqi Banking News –     Inaugurated governor of Maysan, Ali Douai, required Branch Trade Bank of Iraq in the city of Amarah, a State-owned banks that provide for Zbanha all banking services advanced in the world and stressed the bank manager Mohammed Ali Ibrahim Al-Jubeir (‘s new morning) The Bank provides banking services evolving from opening accounts current and savings […]

Washington: Iraq War Is Costing 7.5 Million Dollars a Day

Iraqi war

Iraq News –     The Department of Defense (Pentagon) said yesterday (Friday 29 August / August 2014), the American operations against the ‘Islamic state’ in Iraq will cost about 7.5 million dollars a day, on average, since mid-June last year, a figure that means that The ministry probably spent about $500 million, since it began participating.   He said the […]

Auction Sell the Currency to Balance Supply and Demand and to Preserve the Stability of the Market

Iraqi dinar

Iraqi Dinar News –     The auction sale of the currency held by the central bank daily important tool of monetary policy to keep inflation and the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar since warned Mokhtassan that any interruption or delay in the convening would raise prices as a result of vibration of the balance of supply […]

The Central Bank Sets the Exchange Rate of the Iraqi Dinar

Central Bank of Iraq

Iraqi Dinar News –     Committed the Iraqi Central Bank and private banks own pledge, regardless of the Iraqi dinar by price due from the central bank.   The statement said the central bank said that “the Central Bank is required of all private banks at the exchange rate of the dinar selected by him.”   He added that “the […]

Experts: Exit Funds Easier Entry to Iraq

Iraqi Dinar

Iraq News –     While the investment law No. 13 of 2006 as amended freedom of entry of funds for investors and their companies to Iraq suffer some by two economists from the weak development in the country’s banking system was impeding the entry of these funds for investment to improve the economic stability.   In this context the Bank […]

Finance: The Financial Situation of a Stable Iraq


Iraq News –     The Finance Ministry assured citizens that the country’s financial situation is stable due to continued to pump oil exports.   As an economic expert, suggested adoption of the operating budget for 2014 with the final accounts, the Government institutions, the private sector is owed substantial amounts because the current budget legislation.     Financing Of Projects […]

Iraqi Banking Suffers Civil Government Neglect

Iraqi banking

Iraqi Banking News –     Private banks in Iraq suffer from lack of interest by the government, resulting in the emergence of many problems between them and the government banks on the one hand and between them and the Ministry of Finance as a result of the prohibition of state institutions deal with private banks.   Said the appearance of […]

What Would Have to Happen for the Iraqi Dinar to Become a Stable Investment?

Iraqi dinar

Iraqi Dinar –     The forex rate of a particular currency is directly tied to its economy and geopolitical situation of that particular country. Although price fluctuations in forex rates between two currencies follow the demand and supply trend based on “Purchasing Power Parity” and interest rates, the case of Iraqi dinar (IQD) becomes a special one due to its […]

Central Bank of Iraq Calls to Action Order Mail

Central Bank of Iraq

Central Bank of Iraq News –     Central Bank of Iraq could expand the business of banks and money transfer companies and mobile phone companies and the exercise of any of the activities of the electronic payment in the event of their desire for the introduction of e-payment of money No. 2 for the year 2014.   In this context, […]

Thwarted Attempt to Smuggle 55 Million Iraqi Dinars Airport

Iraqi dinars

Iraqi Dinars News –     Detectives seized public funds, on Tuesday, 55 million Iraqi dinars during the owner’s office Import and Export smuggled through his heading to Jordan.   Had received information to the Major Mohsen Al-Yamani, Assistant Director of the Minister of Public Administration for the Investigation of public funds, the establishment Mohammed. P His office Import and Export, […]

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